The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI) 

1999 Annual International Conference

Science, Art, and Adventure meet in the Tri-Cities this summer at the 20th annual international meeting of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. Field trips, seminars and workshops will inform and inspire anyone with a love for combining science and art.

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Update: Conference registration materials will be sent out via first class mail the week of May 3. If you are not on the active membership last (i.e., receiving newsletters), please use the link below to request your materials by snail mail.

Plan now to join us in Richland, Washington when the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators meets for its annual international meeting, August 7-14, 1999. We're gearing up for a dynamite schedule of workshops, presentations, and fieldtrips. Registration packets will be out in the first part of May, but for planning and budgeting, here's the rundown on the program and financial aspects:

We are pleased to announce an exciting association with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), which is operated by Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy. PNNL is at the forefront of environmental research and technology; their scientists represent disciplines from botany, fisheries and archaeology, to environmental engineering, molecular visualization and astronomy. An impressive facility, PNNL is pleased to be involved with what will be a true collaboration of art and science.

Our hotels are an easy five-minute drive from the WSU-TriCities campus and PNNL, where most of our sessions and computer workshops will be held. Traditional workshops will be held within a 5-minute walk of the hotels.

Blocks of rooms have been reserved at the DoubleTree-Hanford House, located alongside a lovely park on the Columbia River, and the Richland Inn, which is two blocks away, situated alongside good Mexican and Greek restaurants. (There are plenty of restaurants and pubs within a five or ten-minute walk of either hotel, running the gamut from fast food to gourmet, all casual.) To reserve a hotel room, call either the DoubleTree-Hanford House (by July 23) at 1-509-946-7611, or The Richland Inn (by July 1) at 1-888-943-9406. Both inns have outdoor pools and accept credit card deposits. Be sure to tell them you're with the GNSI Meeting.

Room rates (per person) will run from about $25 to $42 per night, double occupancy, or from $45 to $77 per night, single occupancy, and include a light breakfast. (Prices include 10% tax) There will be plenty of free parking both room side (and on campus), as well as a free shuttle service between the airport and hotels, and between the hotels and PNNL/WSU campus. A limited number of opportunities to stay as guests in the homes of friends will be available, if needed.

The registration fee for the core conference is $145, and will include two catered lunches, the Annual Banquet dinner, to be at the Columbia Crest winery, and of course 3 other evenings of food associated with planned activities. Add this to a stout daytime core conference schedule, and you'll see a lot of bang for your buck.

Field trips will range from day-long geology tours with frequent stops, to short two-hour trips within about a twenty minute drive. Prices will stay in line with what they have been before, ranging from minimal to about $45, depending on what is involved to cover expenses. In addition, a printed field trip guide will be available for those who want to get out on their own to explore.

Three days of workshops are scheduled, and workshop prices will remain at about what they have been, from $35 for a half day to about $70-75 per whole day. Extended workshops will be figured on that basis, as well.

While the newsletter should be considered to be the final authority on any conference information, feel free to check ( for updates and links to information on other items of interest, such as the geology and natural history of the area, and for links to other natural attractions of the Pacific Northwest. Just click the GNSI meeting logo on the home page, and go from there (web page design courtesy of Emil Huston, Web Site Developer Extraordinaire).

Conference arrival and check-in starts on Saturday, the 7th of August. We'll unofficially kick off the meeting that evening with a kegger and informal musical jam session, featuring The Ratfish Brothers! You may have heard their soundtrack from Ray Troll's traveling museum exhibit, Dancin' to the Fossil Record, and been tempted to kick up your heels. Ray Troll himself, our keynote speaker, and his pal from here in Richland, Russell Wodehouse, combine rock 'n roll, ichthyology, humor, and good art for a most entertaining show. In addition, many of our membership are musically very talented - if that includes you, polish up your act, bring your instrument if you can, and we'll see what happens. (A piano, cello, violin, and guitars will be supplied, so no excuses!) Attendance is optional, but who would want to miss something like this?

The Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco is only 15 minutes from the hotels, and is serviced by United, Northwest, Alaska, and Horizon out of Seattle and Portland; and by Delta out of Salt Lake City. Rental cars are available at the airport; the is free airport shuttle service, as well. The drive from Portland or Seattle is about three and one half hours, and from Spokane, about two hours.

The final scheduling of every presentation is not yet in place, but for basic planning, listed below is what we have so far. Not everything has been assigned a time slot, and the list is not necessarily complete. And of course, things are subject to change.


(tentative, and subject to change)

Saturday, August 7:
Daytime: Check-in. GNSI Board of Directors meeting.
Evening (around 7:30PM): Ratfish Brothers Bash!

Sunday, August 8:
Workshops, to include:
(AM) Painting in Photoshop, Part One (Steve Buchanan)
(PM) Painting in Photoshop, Part Two (Steve Buchanan)
(AM, PM; 6 hrs.) This Site Under Construction! (Web design, Larry Lavendel)
(all day) Gouache (Jerry Hodge)
(all day) Scratchboard (Trudy Nicholson)
Field trips:
(AM) Hanford Reach (boat tour) with a biologist
(AM, PM; 6 hrs.) Channeled Scablands/Palouse Falls (geology) with a geologist
(PM) Wineries
Others to be announced.
Lunch and dinner on your own (sack lunches can be ordered).
Evening: Portfolio Sharing and Book Signing.

Monday the 9th:
(Day One of core)
Keynote speaker, Ray Troll, the "Gary Larson" of the fish world!
Schedule for rest of day to be announced.
Lunch and dinner on your own.
Evening: GNSI Annual Exhibit Opening Reception, Allied Arts Gallery and CREHST Museum
Late evening field trip: Stargazing from the Rattlesnake Mountain Observatory



(Day Two of core, schedule to be announced)
AM Field trip: Hanford Reach boat trip
Lunch to be catered, dinner on your own.
(PM) Cellular and Molecular Illustration Mini-Conference
(Other mini-conferences dealing with insects, plants, fish and birds
will be staggered during Tuesday and Wednesday, rather than all on Tuesday PM)
Evening: Auction!

Day three of core: schedule to be announced.
Workshops to include:
(AM) The Simple Guide to Self-Publishing (Mark Ortman),
(AM) Scientific Illustration with Mixed Media, Part One (Lynette Cook).

(PM) Making Sense of DEMs and GIS (Ev Wingert)
Lunch to be catered.
Evening: Annual Banquet at Columbia Crest Winery.

Workshops and field trips.
Early morning: Bird Watching with ornithologist (return by 8:30 AM)
Workshops to include:
(all day) Anatomical Sculpture, Part One (Betty Pat Gatliff)
(all day) Watercolor (John Cody)
(all day) Archaeological field and lab workshop (Liz Hansen)
Landform Rendering in Bryce and other software, using DEM/GIS (Ev Wingert);
Layout and Design in Quark (Karen Ackoff)
Lunch: On your own, or order brown bag "to go".
Field trip: Arid Lands Ecology Reserve/Rattlesnake Mountain (botany, entomology,             geology, ecology)
On your own (area wineries, microbreweries open till dark)

(all day) Scientific Illustration with Mixed Media, Part Two (Lynette Cook)
(all day) Anatomical Sculpture, Part Two (Betty Pat Gatliff);
(AM) Compilation in Freehand (Jane Eckelman)
(PM) "Mop-up" Cartographic Computer Lab (Ev Wingert and Jane Eckleman)
(AM) Beginning Photoshop (Frank Ippolito).
(PM) Intermediate Photoshop (Frank Ippolito)
Field trips:
Landform sketching (all day)
McNary Dam/ salmon restoration (half day, PM) with a fisheries biologist
Lunch: On your own; sack lunch can be ordered
Dinner on your own.
5:00 PM departure for two-day Mt. Rainier field workshop with Jenny Keller;
Social Possibilities: Rodeo in Hermiston, pick-up BBQ, wineries, dancing at the Cowboy Club

Saturday the 14th:
Day two of Mt. Rainier field sketching workshop
Self-directed trip suggestions: river rafting on the White Salmon River,
Exploring geology
Maryhill Art Museum on the Columbia Gorge, etc.
Lunch: On your own; Sack lunch can be ordered
Dinner: On your own

Sunday the 15th:
Mt. Rainier field workshop ends around noon.

General Info-Meeting Schedule-Presentations, Workshops and Field Trips-The Region-Links of Interest

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