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Summer Conference Housing Information
Montana State University – Bozeman
Hannon Hall is number 22 on your campus map,

All rooms have

  • twin beds
  • Double and single rooms
  • Local access telephones
  • Long distance calls require a calling card
  • Fresh bed linens, pillowcases, mattress pads, pillow,
    blanket, one washcloth and one bath towel(per person)
    and soap are provided upon arrival. Linens and towels
    can then be exchanged at the front desk as often as you
    like for fresh ones.
  • Bathrooms are conveniently located on each floor
  • Lounges, vending machines and laundry facilities
    are located throughout each building
  • Laundry cards, fans, refrigerators and parking permits
    are available at the front desk
  • Laundry Cards - $5
  • Fridge - $10 per week, with the maximum
    cost being $30
    -Parking permits -- see “Parking”
  • Front desks are staffed 24 hours a day
  • Wired for basic cable connection for a TV
    Bresnan Communications website at (the zip
    code is 59715, and Extended Basic is the package in
    No movie channels

Attendees requesting assistance or special services may contact the desk at any time. Smoking is prohibited in all sleeping rooms and public areas of residence halls. Alcohol consumption is also prohibited in all areas except by persons of legal age in private quarters. For more information please visit our University Policies website at:

What To Bring:

  • Alarm Clock
  • Shower Slippers
  • Calling card for long distance calls
  • Kleenex


There is temporary parking in front of Hannon (30 minute parking). When you check in at the front desk the clerk will sell you a parking hang tag and direct you to the lots where you can park.

There is a charge for parking on campus Monday-Friday between the hours of 6am-6pm. Parking is available in the pay lot at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Grant Street(Lot I.D. #10 on parking map) for $5.00 per day or a $2.50 hang-tag may be purchased at the registration table, the pay lot kiosk, and Hannon hall front desk.

Visitors may park in any lot marked “S/B” or “E”.

Color codes parking lot map:
(handicapped spaces are shown in red)


Check-in time is 1:00 pm and check-out time is 11:00 am. Special arrangements must be made in advance of the conference date to alter these times.

Keys will be issued upon check in. Lost keys present a serious security risk for the residence halls. Lost keys or keys not returned will result in an immediate lock change for which you will be charged $48. Bent or damaged keys are $9.

Guests receiving mail while staying at a Residence Hall should have senders address. The more information listed on the envelope, the more timely receipt of mail to the hall. Mail should be addressed in the following way:

Conferee Name
GNSI Conference
July 15-21, 2007
100 Hannon Hall
Bozeman, MT 59715

Campus information
The MSU campus offers many lounging and green areas around campus. The Museum of the Rockies, accredited by the American Association of Museums and and an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution is just adjacent to campus

The Strand Union Building, where the core conference will take place (2 ½ blocks from Hannon ) has public access computers, bookstore, business center, copy centers, ATMs, several eateries and snack options as well as a coffee kiosk. We will not be using meal tickets, so all meals are bought on your own. Food service has signed a contract for construction which will take place in the summer of 2007. The Union Market and Avogadro’s Number will be closed during this time. They will open a temporary Union Market in the Leigh Lounge and the downstairs food court will have extended hours. The Bobcat Grill, The Sweet Shop and the SRO Coffee Cart will be open with no changes. Check out the food service site for more info summer hours and menus.

Miller Dining Hall is adjacent to the North Hedges Building, offering an all you-can-eat buffet style cafeteria offering several entrees at each meal.
Miller Dining Hall Charges
Breakfast $6
Lunch $7
Dinner $8

Meal Hours:
Breakfast 7-8:00 am
Lunch noon-1pm
Dinner 5-6:00 pm

Plaza Grille (vending cart near NW entrance to SUB) 994-3663
The Habit (in Quad F across from Hannon) 994-4711

Recreational Facilities

Conference guests may utilize MSU recreation and work-out facilities for a daily fee of $5 or $20 per week. Long term rates are available. Arrangements may be made in advance by contacting the Intramurals Office at 406-994-5000.

Computer Access

If you are bringing a laptop, the Ethernet network connection in your room will be active. You will need a Category 5 (Ethernet) Patch Cable. These are available for rent at the front desk if you do not have one. Once it is plugged into a wall and Internet browser is started, the system will walk you through the setup process. The first few days of access are free. Public access computers are available throughout the Strand Union Building on campus. Computer labs are available for use in Residence Halls as well.

Useful Phone Numbers
University Police 406-994-2121
Summer Housing Office 406-994-3690
Conference Services 406-994-3081
Miller Food Service 406-994-4270
Sports Facilities Office 406-994-7117
Hannon Desk 406-994-2821
Ask Us Information (in the SUB) 406-994-4636

A few common questions:

1) What are your rates? Is there a child rate?
Children under the age of 6 are free, all others are charged the same price as adults. $20 for a double and $25 for a single. Participants will need to provide their own crib for small children.

2) Can there be one more person in the room than the number of beds? If there is a family of 3 they will be able to stay in one room, but will need to bring a sleeping bag or something similar. If there is a family of 4, they will need to get two rooms. There can only be one more person than beds because of the fire code, and there is realistically not enough room for more than one extra person.

3) What if a person has a single and then the husband/wife comes up the last day or two. Can they use that room?
It is best to know your plans in advance if someone is joining you later in the week. If someone is attending for a few days as a single, then for the last few days of the stay someone else joins them, the same room can be used. However the rate will change from the single rate of $25 per person per night to the double rate of $20 per person per night. They will need to let the front desk know.

4) Can people request ground rooms if they have physical problems climbing stairs?
Participants will be able to make requests under the ”On Campus Housing” option, where there is an area to list special needs or special requests.

5) The only way to have a roommate is to specify one - people are not just placed with someone?
If someone wants a double room, both parties need to specify each other in order to be placed together, such as husband and wife. If this does not occur the participant will be automatically placed in a single room and charged the single rate.

6) Can people come, for example on Sunday, leave, and return later in the week if they specify their plans?
Participants can come and stay, check out completely and return later in the week. That is no problem. If people want the same room or want to store their belongings while they are away, they will need to reserve the room from the first day they arrive to the very last day that they are leaving. By blocking the room for the entire time, our staff will not enter the room and it will not be cleaned during that time.

7) When is our arrival and departure date?
Saturday July 14-Sunday July 22nd

8) Can people stay Sunday night or must they be gone July 22?
Participants are able to stay an additional night, they will need to indicate this on their housing registration.

9) Is there air conditioning?
No. There are only a couple of months when the weather is warm or hot. There is no air conditioning in the dorms. Fans are free at the front desk.

For additional housing information, visit or contact Sara Jay,

If you are electing to lodge off-campus or will be a day visitor


Conference Services Staff
Bobbi Reid,
Manager and Registration
(406) 994-3081

Sara Akers, Summer Housing Coordinator
(406) 994-6583
Conference Services
Montana State University
280F Strand Union Building
P.O. Box 174150
Bozeman, MT 59717-4150

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