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Publications Exhibit

Open Exhibit (not juried)

Where and when: Blake Library, UMFK; month of July 2009

This exhibition is open to everyone who has published a book, magazine, workbook, etc. You are welcome to send one copy of one sample of your book or magazine or workbook. It should have a 3" x 5" card in the front flap stating your name and return address and your contribution to it (whether the entire publication, the illustrations, or what). If you have something published other than a book or magazine format, you can get in touch with Joan about it. This is nonjuried. You show what you want. It does not have to be science illustration as long as you work as a science illustrator. For example, if you wrote and illustrated a children's book about an old dog and her place in the family, that is acceptable. (Consie Powell's Old Dog Cora, for instance.) The publication can have been self-published, commercially published, or it can be a text or other professional work.

The work will be exhibited near the entrance to the UMFK Library in the open, which means that visitors will be able to leaf through your publication. You might not want to send first editions or other rare or especially valuable work. (Keep in mind that Library insurance is $1,000 deductible.) We will have the first edition of the GNSI HANDBOOK on display. I will exhibit some of your publications that I own. For any questions call Joan Lee, 207-398-3068, before 8pm EST, or email twofoodogs@fairpoint.net, putting "Pub09" in the subject area.

The work must arrive in the month of June as we will have limited storage. If you use a USPS flat rate envelope, enclosing return postage, we can easily return it to you. Alternatively, you may donate it to the auction if you wish or you may donate it to the UMFK library. They would be grateful, I'm sure.


What is eligible? Your graphic work (art or illustration) that has been published including:

How to submit work: Pack your publication in a USPS flat rate envelope or box. USPS provides, free of charge, boxes and envelopes that are sent at a flat rate fee. Thus you can send a forty pound rock or a two ounce dinner napkin for one flat rate as long as it fits into one of their boxes or envelopes. It is convenient to the ultimate. Include:

Where to send your entry: Mail your entry to arrive in May or June 2009. Address:

c/o J H LEE
ST FRANCIS ME 04774-4139