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Field Trips

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Full-Day Field Trips

Visit to Le Jardin Botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick

Le Jardin Botanique

Image © Le Jardin Botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick

Full-day field trip, Limit:

Spread out over an area of 7 hectares, Le Jardin Botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick is at once a haven of peace and relaxation and a center for the study of nature in all its beauty and colors. The rose garden, the rhododendrons, the luxuriant annuals and perennials offer a symphony of thousands of colors and the ecstasy of innumerable perfumes. You will be seduced as you stroll through the arboretum and alongside the blooming stream. Be sure to keep your eyes wide open, so as not to miss the mosa´cultures that enhance the decor of the garden. Sketching opportunities will abound; bring your gear! Visit their website.

Allagash River Canoe Trip

Sean Lizotte - Allagash Guide Service

Allagash River

Image © Allagash Guide Services

Full-day field trip, Limit: 12

Canoe the Allagash Wilderness Waterway with Registered Maine Guide, Sean Lizotte. Canoeing the Allagash is among one of the best wilderness experiences in the northeastern U.S. Although this river lies within the boundaries of a commercial forest, it has been protected to secure its nature and integrity. Participants will be picked up PROMPTLY at 8 am at Bengals Lair.

What to bring: Water shoes are a must. Shorts are fine. Bring insect repellant.

NOTE! This 17-mile canoe trip involves one 1/4-mile portage (where you will pick up and carry your gear, including the canoes, over land to circumvent the Allagash Falls).

Self-Guided Tours

Self-guided walking tours of Fort Kent, Blockhouse, Historic Highway 1 Terminus, Dube House, Heritage Tour, and ski lodge are available all week. Booklets and maps will be available at the Acadian Archives.


Fort Kent Blockhouse

BlockHouse: This log blockhouse in Fort Kent, Maine, was built for the "Bloodless" Aroostook War. This state-owned structure is a National Historic Landmark. In the early 1840's, the Fort Kent Blockhouse was surrounded by officers' quarters, log huts for the laundresses who kept the soldiers' clothes clean, a hospital, a cook house, stables, and a garden.

Breakfast at Two Rivers Cafe: At the last bend of the Allagash River is a cafe you may visit as a self-guided trip. Just drive toward Allagash on 161 until you see the cafe on your right across the road from the Allagash River, about 30 miles from Fort Kent. This is a beautiful drive, as it winds along the St. John River. You can see where the ice has destroyed the river banks, and will likely spot deer, moose, and eagles along the way. Two Rivers is about as far as you will want to go. This is also part of the Heritage Tour that people may take as a self-guided tour.

Partial-Day Field Trips

Acadian Archives Tour


Acadian Archives

Image © JHL

2 hours, Limit: 8

The Acadian Archives/Archives Acadiennes documents, preserves, celebrates, and disseminates information about the Upper Saint John Valley, a 70-mile stretch of the St John River running between the U.S. and Canada. In pursuing this mandate of cultural conservation, the Archives focuses particular attention on the Acadian and Franco-American history and culture. It is a rich resource, containing more than 15 linear feet of manuscript materials, 8,500 photographic images, 400 audio or video recordings and films, 200 microfilm rolls, 2000 reference books, journals, 100 maps, plus ephemera and other materials on regional history and culture. Join us for a tour of this remarkable collection. Visit their website.

How to Read Trees

Laura Audibert

Bird sketch

Image © Linda Feltner

2 hours, Limit: 15

This field trip is offered as a complement to Linda Feltner's workshop: Wildlife Drawing & Watercolor from Live Models. The two may be taken independent of each other.

Moose Watch

Sean Lizotte - Allagash Guide Service


Image © JHL

1 half-day field trips, 4 hours each, Limit: 16 per trip

We will be offering two opportunities for attendees to see moose and other wildlife in the area: one on Friday morning and one on Saturday morning.


Note! In any such excursion, the fewer the humans the more likely sightings. The more quiet the humans the more likely sightings. (At 5:30 am departure I am betting a few of you will not be too keen on making a lot of noise anyway.) One might see one moose or many or bear or any of the other forest creatures. Or nothing at all. Wildlife is quite skittish about human encroachments. Participants will be picked up PROMPTLY at 5:30 AM at The Lodge.

What to bring: long pants, hiking shoes, long sleeves, insect repellant. Don't forget your camera!