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Fort Kent, ME

©University of Maine, Fort Kent

Fort Kent is on the St. John River, at the Canada border and situated at the northern end of US Route 1, which stretches from Key West to Canada. It is located at latitude 47.258° N, which is smart talk for way up there above the rest. Longitude is 68.59° W, and altitude is 610 feet. It is in the heart of the St. John Valley.

Campus lodging is highly recommended.

Campus Lodging

The campus residence hall is The Lodge, a three year old facility in the style of an Adirondak lodge. Two floors are reserved for GNSI. Each suite contains three or four single, private bedrooms and a shared bathroom and kitchenette. Wireless connections can be set up for laptops at the registration desk. It's an easy stroll to the cafeteria and the classrooms where the presentations and workshops will be given. If we need more space the campus will open Crocker Hall for the overflow. Crocker Hall is an older-style residence with single and multiple bedrooms with bath facilities down the hall.

GREEN ALERT! The UMFK campus is going green and one of the delights in this new facility, The Lodge, is that all laundry, all cleaning supplies are earth friendly, without toxic chemicals.

Other Housing Options

Northern Door Inn, Fort Kent

Those who prefer to find other lodging might want to contact Northern Door Inn. It is located one block from the St. John River and International Bridge to Canada and is just four blocks from campus. Rooms are $66/single, $74/double. Reservations at least a month in advance are recommended.

Lodging in Eagle Lake, ME

Other lodging possibilities exist in Eagle Lake, Maine, approximately 15 miles south of Fort Kent on route 11.


Meals will be available for purchase at the cafeteria. Pricing details will be indicated on the registration forms. Meal times are as follows:

Other Dining Options:

There are two grocery stores nearby, one within easy walking distance from campus, in case you'd like to take advantage of the kitchenettes in the dorms. The town of Fort Kent has several alternative dining options including pubs, cafes, a rib joint, two Chinese restaurants, and of course, the ubiquitous fast food establishments. For pizza cravings, a walk across the International Bridge will give you what you seek - don't forget your passport! Between the cafeteria on campus and the restaurants in town, no one should go hungry.