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Scope of the Conference

What can we expect at the GNSI 2010 conference?

This weeklong conference can be divided into components. Sunday, July 11, is the day to register, settle in and socialize. There will be a couple of field trips to choose from to get to know the area and other conference-goers. Monday through Wednesday is the Core Conference and Thursday through Saturday there are a gazillion workshops and field trips offered.

The CORE CONFERENCE (Monday—Wednesday, July 12-14) promises to be packed with exciting speakers and topics. We welcome back tried and true presenters and look forward to getting to know new ones as well. For the digital folks, the topics include Illustrator, Digital 3-D Art, web marketing, animation, giclée prints and other topics! A few of the speakers include Rick Simonson, Britt Griswold, Taina Litwak, Paul Mirocha, Ikumi Kayama and other illustrious presenters.

On the traditional art track, you can look forward to hearing about native Hawaiian plants, classical design systems, birds and drawings of Hawaii, evolution books. The presenters will include Tina Fuller, Kristy Bruznak, Tamara Clark, Doug Pratt, Kapi Monoyios and Paul Brinkman.

The mini-workshops are back by popular demand! These are 2-hour sessions where the participants get hands-on experience with the chosen topic. Look for some big names and fun topics like Peggy Macnamara presenting watercolor and mammals, Emma Skurnick instructing about watercolor and colored pencil (probably focusing on reptiles), and Linda Feltner teaching about live animal drawing (just wait and see what slimy, creepy or crawly animals come to THIS class!).

If this isn’t enough, just wait until the end of the core conference for the WORKSHOP and FIELD TRIP section of the conference (Thursday-Saturday, July 15-17). John Cody is conducting a 2-day workshop focusing on watercolor background and extreme detail. Patricia Savage will present her ever-so-popular workshop on pastels. Trudy Nicholson will coach her students in the art of scratchboard. Dick Rauh is back with plant anatomy.

Digital workshops will be offered on Thursday and Friday. These will be held in the state-of-the-art computer labs. Topics include Illustrator/Sketchbook Pro, Flash, InDesign, Photoshop and more. Stay tuned for the details on the presenters.

There will be many choices for Field Trips, including a trip to the Lemur Center, choices of several Botanical Gardens (some of these are not open to the general public on a regular basis), the Century Campus Wildlife Center (turtle telemetry), the Carnivore Preservation Trust, canoeing, kayaking, museums….

OK. Does that seem like enough? Oh no! Wait! There’s more!!! We are also going to include some presentations on paleo and taxidermy, and some geared specifically for the educators. AND, the stuff listed above only deals with the daylight hours of the conference! The evenings promise to be informative and fun as well. On Sunday night bring your portfolio to the Portfolio Sharing and have some refreshments, browse other people’s artwork and share ideas and just plain have fun. On Monday night join us at the Opening Night for the Annual Exhibit to see what the best Scientific Illustrators in the country (...uhhh, I mean the world) are up to. Tuesday night our "Auction Chick" Clara Richardson will lead us through an evening of much hilarity and, if last year’s conference is any indication, through some plain hysterical moments while raising funds for the GNSI and the Educational Fund. Wednesday night we’ll enjoy the banquet. Not just ANY banquet. We’ll start out the evening having cocktails in the Butterfly House of the NC Museum of Life and Science. Then we’ll move into the museum for dinner and we’ll have the museum to ourselves for a couple of hours. And pretty much every night you will find a group of night owls having a party in one of the common areas around Wolf Village. Feel free to join in the laughter, the conversation and the singing.

The entire planning committee looks forward to seeing you in July in Raleigh, The City of Oaks!